News | 15 May 2020
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Doggie doos and don'ts in Alert Level 2

There may be more freedom for humans under Alert Level 2, but when it comes to our doggie friends it’s important we continue to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.

Otto the dog getting some exercise.
Otto the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel getting some exercise.

Remember that dogs can only be off-lead in off-leash exercise areas, and when off-lead, they must be kept under control. If you are not in one of these designated off-lead areas, your dog must be on a lead at all times.

Following this rule is not only important for the safety of people, but also for the safety of our animals. Dogs left to roam off-lead could result in fights. And with animal control officers now back out on patrol, dog owners caught breaking the rules could be up for a fine.

Picking up after pets is also a must, as no-one wants to step in dog poo. Dog walkers are reminded to take bags on their outings.

Wellington City Council Team Leader Animal Services Damian Nunns says owners not picking up after their dogs was an ongoing issue during Alert Levels 3 and 4.

“As we’re now in Alert Level 2, there will be more people around and we’re just reminding dog owners of the rules to ensure the city is a safe and pleasant place for everyone. We’ve had dog owners walking their dogs off-lead in public places and not keeping them under control, so now’s the time to really consider the rules and be kind to each other.”

Even though lockdown restrictions have eased, people still need to practice physical distancing. When visiting dog exercise parks, remember to keep 2 metres away from other dog park users. If it’s busy, please leave and come back later or walk your dog elsewhere.

If someone in your household has Covid-19, then any dogs in your household should not be exercised off the property.

Dog registrations
Registrations for new puppies and dogs entering Wellington during the lockdown period will be processed so that their details are on the National Dogs Database. Council did not charge registration fees during this time.

Registration fees are due on Wednesday 1 July 2020. More information about registering your dog is available here.

Animal control
Animal Services is set up for physical distancing, with contactless payment and registration at the front counter in line with contact tracing protocols. There is a glass partition at all times between staff and customer. Tape will also mark out 2-metre wait points.

Dogs will be released via their drop-box system – a double access box from inside and outside the pound with a door at each end. This means that a dog can be passed from the pound to the owner with minimal contact.

More information about lost and impounded dogs is available here.