News | 25 February 2020
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Terms of reference released for Wellington Mayoral taskforce on water

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster has today released the terms of reference for the Mayoral Taskforce on Water he announced last week. These will be endorsed at Council meeting on Wednesday 26 February.

“We’ve had a series of events over the summer, we’ve asked a lot of questions of our staff and of Wellington Water, and concluded that further investigation is required, which is why I have established a Mayoral taskforce. Our water infrastructure is the most fundamental of services and I want Wellingtonians to see that we are focused on this issue.

“The purpose of my Taskforce on Water is to work collaboratively to inquire into specific problems relating to the ‘three waters’ in Wellington and identify initiatives to address these.

“Ultimately we all want a Capital City fit for the future.

“While these issues are not unique to Wellington they are of serious concern and so we need a group focussed solely on it, which is what the Taskforce will provide.

“In the meantime, we continue to work with Wellington Water to ensure that specific current problems are dealt with efficiently and that communication with the public about them is improved."