News | 26 February 2020
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The Wellington City Councillors agree Terms of Reference for Mayoral Taskforce: Three Waters

Wellington City Councillors have today agreed Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Mayoral Taskforce: Three Waters.

“I want to thank Councillors for their collaborative and pragmatic approach to progressing this important initiative.  A number of improvements have been made to the ToR, and I am confident we’re going to get the outcome we all want,” says Mayor Andy Foster.

It was confirmed that the purpose of the Taskforce is to inquire into specific problems relating to water issues in Wellington, and to identify initiatives to address these issues by recommending an action plan to Wellington City Council.

“I also want to thank those members of the public who attended and spoke at the meeting. Ongoing community input will be an important part of the Taskforce’s work. I’ll be looking for people with a holistic view of the network and issues, who are able to make a significant voluntary time contribution.

“I now want us to get on with the substantive work with speed, and have asked that rapid progress be made to get the Taskforce together for the first time and develop a work plan. Support and secretariat functions for the Taskforce have already been established.

“We need an initial report back by the beginning of June to inform our Annual Plan deliberations.

“Ultimately we’re trying to create a capital city fit for the future – and the Taskforce will help us get there in terms of water.”

The final ToR will be made available on the Council website.