News | 25 February 2020
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Shelly Bay update from Mayor Foster

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster says there has been no change in the situation regarding the development of Shelly Bay, and the matter will come back to Council in due course.

“The Council has agreed, in principle, to sell and lease small portions of its own land, following preparation of a commercial agreement,” Mayor Foster said.

“The terms and conditions of that agreement are being worked on now by senior Council officers, so that it has all the relevant information when it is reported back to the Council later in the year. There is a long way to go on those terms and conditions.

“At that stage the Council will make a final decision, as it sees fit.

“With the Council’s full knowledge and support, our Acting Chief Executive is progressing work to bring these matters back to the Council and I reject wholeheartedly any suggestion that she is acting improperly.

“My own position on Shelly Bay is well known and I haven’t changed that. I will keep encouraging the parties to sit down and talk about the future of this iconic site, in the context of the wider Miramar Peninsula, and avoid the risk of litigation.”