News | 31 October 2019
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Earthquake-prone and heritage building funds open

Two funds to help owners of earthquake-prone and heritage buildings in Wellington have opened for applications today (31 October).

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The $1 million available for funding will be split between Wellington City Council’s existing Built Heritage Incentive Fund (BHIF) and the new Building Resilience Fund (BRF).

The aim of the two funds is to give targeted support to building owners with limited resources where good outcomes would be unlikely without Council assistance.

The BHIF, established in 2005, will continue to provide funding for heritage buildings, with 85% of funding directed towards seismic related works, and the remaining 15% for heritage conservation projects.

The BRF is targeted at non-heritage buildings which are earthquake-prone, or have the potential to be, and have complex ownership arrangements such as a body corporates, or are small one to two storey buildings. The fund is to allow for detailed seismic assessments ahead of strengthening.

Mayor Andy Foster says building owners are invited to apply for funding before the closing date of 5 February 2020.

“As we know there’s a significant need in our city for building strengthening work, and the Council is pleased to offer targeted funding and practical advice to owners who might otherwise struggle to get this work done.”

Applicants are invited to contact the Council if they have any queries, or would like to discuss their project: