News | 24 September 2019
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Wellington City Council voting campaign ramps up across the city

Wellington City Council has launched a voting campaign to encourage residents to vote in the upcoming local body elections – happening Saturday 12 October.

WCC 2019 election campaign posters at Railway Station
WCC 2019 election campaign at the Railway Station

Largely made up of Wellingtonians’ handwritten statements, Wellington City’s 2019 campaign encourages people to vote using a range of channels both online and outdoor – like digital billboards and posters around the capital.

Wellington City Electoral Officer Warwick Lampp says the election is a chance for residents to vote for the Mayor and Councillors they want to represent them over the next three years.

“This year’s campaign was inspired by the Council’s 2016 elections campaign, ‘Declare your love for Wellington’.

“One point of difference this year is the handwritten statements from members of the public. Gathered at Massey University and the Sunday Harbourside Market where people were asked what they wanted to vote for, and what they wanted to see in Wellington’s future,” says Warwick.

“This year’s elections campaign is simple, only using two colours and very few words. The handwriting illustrates what’s important to real voters. Responses were collected from a variety of people and the most common themes were chosen for the campaign.”

Residents should receive their voting forms in their letterboxes this week.

Voters have until 12 noon on Saturday October 12 to return their forms either by post or by dropping them in the ballot boxes at the city’s 13 libraries, including Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre, plus the Strathmore Park Community Centre, Newlands Community Centre, Linden Social Centre, and the Wellington City Council offices level 16 reception area at 113 The Terrace.

There will also be a box at the Railway Station for the final week of voting only, Monday 7 October – Friday 11 October from 6.30am to 9.30am, and 4pm to 6.30pm.

If you don’t receive your voting forms in the mail or haven’t enrolled, you will need to cast a special vote. You can apply for a special vote from 20 September to midday 12 October by either going to the Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre in Manners Street or phoning the Wellington City Council on 04 499 4444 and asking for the special voting forms to be sent to you in the post.

Special vote hub will support voting across the Wellington region

This election, for the first time, Wellington City Council is hosting a ‘special vote hub’ to provide more voting options for the tens of thousands of voters who commute into the capital each day from Porirua, the Kāpiti Coast, the Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa.

“Any voter who lives in the greater Wellington region can apply for a special vote at the Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre, no matter where they live,” says Warwick.

“This means that if you travel into Wellington City, you can pick up special voting forms here rather than at the Council office near your home address.”

Special votes are available for anyone who has enrolled late, lost their original voting document, or to avoid inconvenience or hardship. The special voting hub is for voters in the Wellington, Porirua, Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kāpiti Coast, South Wairarapa, Carterton, and Masterton city and district council elections.

How to vote in Wellington City

Voting is done via the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system. Under STV, voters rank their preferred candidates by placing a “1” in the box next to their preferred candidate, a “2” next to their next preferred candidate and so on. You can rank as many, or as few candidates you like. You don’t have to rank them all.

Other council elections may use different voting systems. For more information, visit or your own local Council website.