News | 15 August 2019
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Drivers urged to stay alert at intersections

Wellington drivers are being reminded to take extra care and stay alert at intersections with a region-wide campaign now under way to help reduce crashes.

Stay alert billboard in Thorndon

A third of crashes in the Wellington region last year occurred at intersections.

NZ Transport Agency Regional Transport Systems Manager Mark Owen says failing to give way at intersections is one of the main causes of death and injury on New Zealand roads.

“Some of the other contributing factors to intersection crashes are poor observation by drivers and speed. The Stay Alert at Intersections campaign will help to draw people’s attention to how they are driving.”

Transport Safety Education Coordinator for Wellington City Council, Anna Blomquist, says the campaign is the result of collaboration between the Transport Agency and councils in the Wellington region.

“The campaign targets those drivers who regularly travel through the region, and whose commute has become so routine they may not give familiar intersections their full attention. Drivers should be alert to their speed and other road users, and be aware of what could distract them in the car while driving.”

The campaign features a bold graphic message on billboards, buses and online advertisements.

Wellington District Road Policing Senior Sergeant Simon DeWit says the Police are supporting the campaign by targeting driver behaviour at intersections. A recent operation at several intersections showed nine incidents of drivers failing to stop at a stop sign, two running red lights, and two people using cell phones while driving.

“We expect drivers to comply with traffic signs and signals, as well as minimising or removing possible distractions in the car which may cause crashes.

“We encourage drivers to approach intersections at an appropriate speed. Even if you have the right of way, be aware that other drivers may make a mistake – and a slower speed can be the difference between a minor, serious or even fatal outcome.”

The Stay Alert at Intersections campaign runs from mid-July until end of August.