News | 31 July 2019
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ReCut Kumutoto – bringing one-of-a-kind show to the waterfront

ReCut Kumutoto is coming to the capital next week, showcasing some of the best emerging and established creative talent from New Zealand and beyond, over two nights of free events on the waterfront.

Image of Anthonie Toonan playing at ReCut Cuba Mall

ReCut is an ongoing series of dynamic, arts events that appear in outdoor locations around the city.

ReCut Kumutoto will consist of two 45-minute looped performances between 5.14pm and 7pm each night.

Expect to see contemporary Māori digital art, fashion, music, dance, fire – we’re bringing it all to the streets, transforming our city’s spaces and creating new audience experiences.

Be there to enjoy some of Aotearoa’s finest creative talent – Anthonie Tonnon, Toni Huata, Christine Cusiel and Johnson Witehira – making Wellington a city where there is always something unique happening, and creating a buzz for locals and visitors alike.

Come and experience ReCut – a visual spectacular and sensory feast for everyone.