News | 13 July 2019
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Phone2Park clarification

The City Council provides a number of ways for people to pay for on-street parking across the city and encourages customers to make greater use of non-cash options.

Currently this includes two mobile phone apps, which allow people to pay for their parking directly from their phone.

Last year as part of ongoing work to simplify how parking is administered and paid for, the Council reviewed both existing mobile apps payment options, which are the Phone2park app and the PayMyPark app.

Following this evaluation, a decision was made to discontinue the use of Phone2Park and continue with PayMyPark. This will improve administration of the parking system and simplify payment options for customers. The operator of the Phone2park app was advised in July 2018 of the Council’s decision to no longer offer the Phone2park app and it was agreed that there would be an 18 month time period where customers could continue to use the app and use up any available credit.

The Phone2Park will no longer be accepted as a payment for on-street parking from 7 January 2020 so those currently using the Phone2Park mobile app have until then to use up any available credit.

However payment for on-street parking will still be able to be made from a mobile phone using the PayMyPark mobile app.

In addition the Council provides a number of other ways to pay for on street parking. These include cash, debit and credit cards and text-to park-options.

The following link provides further information on payment options: