News | 26 April 2019
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Council to consider panel’s recommendations on District Plan Change to extend Kiwi Point Quarry

An independent hearing panel has made recommendations on a decision on District Plan Change 83 for Kiwi Point Quarry, following public hearings in December 2018 – Wellington City Councillors will consider these recommendations on Wednesday 1 May 2019.

Image of Kiwi Point Quarry

Wellington City has been fortunate to extract high quality blue rock from the quarry since the 1920’s.  Based on the current extraction rate, the north face of the quarry has only a few years of rock left. The extension to the south face will ensure the supply of building material for another 15-20 years for construction projects. About 60% of aggregate produced in Kiwi Point Quarry is used for road construction, and the rest for buildings and other infrastructure construction.

Located in the Ngauranga Gorge, it’s just 10 kilometres from the city centre, a convenient and cost-effective location close to the inner city. The city saves about $2 million per year in road construction costs alone because of its close proximity. Rates would have likely increased if the quarry was no longer available.  

By 2043 there will be between 50,000 to 80,000 more Wellingtonians in the central city and to the north of the city which will require more amenities, houses and roads.

The Council sought public feedback in 2017 and accepted the proposal to expand the quarry. The extension of the quarry offered the maximum development of an already established quarry.

Public hearings on the subsequent proposed district plan change concluded in December 2018.

Should Council approve the panel’s recommendations, submitters will be given an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Environment Court.