News | 22 March 2019
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15 EV chargers for the suburbs

Wellington City Council is moving to lower transport emissions by agreeing yesterday to install the first set of electric vehicle charging stations in residential areas.

Map showing the location of the electric vehicle charging stations.

This will enable those people who don’t have off-street parking and are unable to charge their vehicles at home to buy and operate an electric car. More than 17,000 Wellington properties face this obstacle to recharging.

This initiative is part of a two-year pilot that will assess whether there is a viable market for slow charging in the residential streets of Wellington.

“We have a number of charging stations in the CBD but residential charging stations will mean EVs could be a practical option for Wellingtonians wanting to make the switch to them,” says Mayor Justin Lester.

Transport Portfolio Leader Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman sees this as a positive step to reducing our carbon emissions.

“Road transport currently contributes 38 percent of the city’s emissions. We want to help Wellingtonians to make good, environmentally friendly choices by making charging facilities available to those who could not otherwise access them.”

Last year the Council asked Wellingtonians who were interested in purchasing electric vehicles in the near future where they thought chargers should be available. They received over 80 requests. Following further consultation, 15 of the 17 locations put forward were confirmed by Councillors yesterday.

Typically they are located in areas with little off-street parking such as Newtown and Aro Valley and also includes a location outside Wellington Zoo, so people can charge while they visit one of the city’s most popular destinations.

As part of yesterday’s decision, the Council will work with residents to identify a further 10 charging locations.

Users will pay to use the chargers and receive a text message encouraging them to move on after charging is completed.

Installation is expected to start before July. Wellington City Council, ChargeNet NZ and EECCA are running the project in partnership. The Council and ChargeNet NZ are each contributing 25 pecent and EECA is providing 50 percent of the cost.

Sites approved yesterday

  • Rodney St
  • Holloway Rd
  • Epuni St
  • Miramar North Rd
  • Hornsey Rd
  • Jackson St
  • Melbourne Rd
  • Coromandel St near 66
  • Coromandel St near 4
  • Wright St
  • Karepa St
  • Stanley St
  • Hall St
  • Austin St
  • Manchester St, near Wellington Zoo

Two sites were not approved: Bank Rd and Mersey St, the latter will be revisited later.