News | 22 February 2019
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New NZX ticker adds life to Wellington waterfront

Wellington’s waterfront NZX Centre has added to its portfolio with a new and modern ticker display – which will continue to keep people informed of share movements and more.

The high-definition stock ticker, on the exterior of the old Odlins Building

The high-definition stock ticker, on the exterior of the old Odlins Building, was officially launched on Thursday evening. It replaced the original ticker, which after 15 years had come to the end of its life.

Wellington City Council, along with Panasonic and the NZX, contributed to the project. The ticker was designed, engineered and installed by Wellington companies Eyemagnet and Melbar Engineering.

The 64-metre-long ticker is 180mm taller than the original.

The LED panels are the latest in technology and have a total of 7,000 units of luminance, and feature a brightness control system which manages luminance during the day and night.

The panels are slimmer and mounted at a flat angle against the side of the building. The previous ticker had to be angled down because of its older LED technology.

As well as displaying stock prices, Council can use the ticker to provide information relating to special events ranging from community, sporting, business and cultural activities, along with significant announcements relevant to the greater Wellington population.

“The ticker has become a recognisable part of Ara Moana,” says Wellington Mayor Justin Lester.

“The waterfront has always been a centre for commerce in the capital. Having NZX here adds to the variety of buildings and shows Wellington is a business-focussed city.

“Wellington is the capital, and it’s appropriate for us to have a strong connection with NZX, which is at the heart of New Zealand’s capital markets.

“The Odlins Building is now 113 years old and it’s wonderful that we can keep part of the façade up to date.”

NZX CEO Mark Peterson commented: “NZX sits at the centre of New Zealand’s capital market and the new ticker lifts the market’s profile in Wellington, while being a great platform to promote community initiatives and events. A big thank you to Eyemagnet, Panasonic, Wellington City Council and Willis Bond for their commitment to this project.”

The heritage-listed Odlins Building was built in 1903. The Edwardian/commercial style was typical of New Zealand industrial landscapes at the time but is now rare.

It was bought by Willis Bond in 2003 after sitting empty and derelict for 22 years. Willis Bond restored and refurbished it and it became home to the NZX when the original ticker was installed.