News | 3 September 2018

$1.9 billion transport package gives capital confidence

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester welcomes the government’s decision to allot a record $1.9 billion investment in transport to the capital.

Get Welly Moving

The Mayor says the investment package plays an important role in giving the capital confidence about the future of the city’s transport network.
He says all signs point to an integrated, multimodal transport system for the city, which will have flow-on effects in terms of lowering congestion, improving safety and making the city more liveable.
"These are some of the key themes we will be looking to address when we launch Let’s Get Wellington Moving.
"It’s important that we take a balanced approach. One of the consistent pieces of feedback  we get from Wellingtonians about transport is that people like to have choices when it comes to getting from A to B. We like to be able to choose whether to walk, cycle, take public transport, or – when needed – drive to our destination. We need to have the right infrastructure to be able to ensure that people can travel safely,  whichever mode they choose."
The Mayor says environmental concerns and the desire to integrate physical activity into everyday life tend to be key drivers for Wellingtonians to choose walking and cycling.
The three-year funding also includes more than $82m on walking and cycling projects, including the Wellington to Hutt Valley Walking and Cycling Link.
In Wellington, it is estimated the number of people coming into the city by bike has more than doubled since 2006.
“The better the cycling infrastructure the more people will start using pedal power to get about,” says the Mayor.
“With Let’s Get Wellington Moving, we have bold plans to transform the city’s transport system and we want people to have a choice of how they get about."