News | 27 August 2018

Public give feedback on shape of Karori’s future

Karori residents attended a community meeting last week to consider options for shaping the future of the suburb.

Councillors at Karori Project meeting
Councillors Woolf, Calvert, and Foster at Karori meeting

The event held at the Karori Community Centre was a follow-up of the Karori Project outcomes. It was attended by Onslow-Western Ward Councillors, the public, and representatives from local groups, schools and businesses.

The Karori Project was a collaboration between the Council and the people of Karori, which involved an innovative partnership with the community through workshops and engagement to develop a community vision for the area.

Our town centre is the main focus for this stage of the Karori Plan, but there are other community aspirations we heard about and expect to hear about that we will also take into consideration, says Councillor Andy Foster, Portfolio Leader for the Karori Community Plan and also Urban Development.

“Last year Karori people decided in the high level Karori Plan that we wanted a more socially and physically connected community, and to make Karori greener, a more attractive magnet, and to have a much more active daytime economy. Our town centre is a key part of this.” says Councillor Foster. “This is an opportunity to discuss things like the look and feel of the town centre, safely and easily moving around it, identity and sense of place, how the St Johns site might contribute best, and how Council, community, and private landowners aspirations can best work together.”   

Councillor Diane Calvert, the City Council’s Portfolio Leader for Community Planning and Engagement, says it was a successful event, but there’s still more to do.

“The locals of Karori are a very engaged community, and want to be involved in the future of their neighbourhood – this has been evident from the start of the Karori Project.

“The initial response to plans was mostly positive, but now we need to build on that with a number of workshops over the coming months,” says Councillor Calvert.

Fellow Ward Councillor Simon Woolf agrees, and adds that the area has so much potential, but they are just starting to tap into it.

“Karori has always been a popular location for the schools, proximity to the city and coast, and access to activities like mountain biking, fishing, and diving – but there’s still room for improvement.”

Workshops will be held in the coming months to further develop options for the town centre.