News | 29 August 2018

Stay alert at intersections campaign launch

This spring, drivers across the Wellington region will receive the message to stay alert at intersections.

Stay alert at intersections poster

Thirty-seven percent of crashes in the Wellington region over the last five years took place at intersections.

Senior Safety Engineer for the NZ Transport Agency, Steve James, says while there is a positive downward trend in intersection crashes and casualties in the Wellington region, there is still work to do.

“This campaign will draw attention to the main causes of intersection crashes – poor observation by drivers, speed, and failure to give way.”

Wellington City Council’s Transport Safety Education Coordinator, Anna Blomquist, says the campaign is the result of collaboration between the Transport Agency and councils across the Wellington region.  It targets those drivers who routinely travel in the region who may not always give all intersections their full attention.

“Our message is simple – intersections can be complex places with a lot going on. They always require your full attention. Be aware of your speed, alert to other people on the road and try to ignore any in-car distractions. Just focus on the job at hand.”

The campaign features a bold message on billboards, buses, and the street, as well as radio adverts.

Wellington District Road Policing Manager Inspector Jan Simpson says the Police will be supporting this campaign by targeting driver behaviour at intersections. “We expect drivers to be fully compliant with signs and signals as well as ensuring they are not driving while distracted. This means ensuring their phone is put away, off, or on a hands-free kit,” she says.

“We also encourage drivers to approach intersections at an appropriate speed. Even if you have the right of way, other drivers may make mistakes and slower speeds can be the difference between a minor, serious or even fatal outcome.”