News | 14 March 2018
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Foodie Capital rising to break bread with neighbours

Wellingtonians will join together in communities and groups over the next few weeks as they meet, eat, share, and learn while celebrating Local Food Week and Neighbours Day Aotearoa in the Capital.

Local Food Week is an annual event that showcases the huge variety of produce and organisations that promote sustainable living based in the city.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa coincides with Local Food Week this year, a nationwide initiative that brings together thousands of neighbours, organisations, local government and local businesses all over the country.

Mayor Justin Lester says it’s apt that these two events occur at the same time as sharing food is a bonding experience in most cultures.

“As Wellingtonians we pride ourselves on being the foodie Capital of New Zealand. This also means we have a responsibility to support our local food producers.

“Local Food Week is our opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of supporting local food producers from an economic, environmental, health and social standpoint – and enjoy doing so!”

There are numerous events happening all over the city for Neighbours Day Aotearoa, including a Newtown Park Neighbours evening, the always popular Mount Vic Treasure Hunt, a family picnic and BBQ in Strathmore, and an open day at Khandallah Community Gardens.

For more information, or to find numerous resources available for Neighbours Day Aotearoa, visit, or you can collect handy neighbours contact cards at all Wellington City Council community centres or at Council’s reception desk.

Meanwhile, Local Food Week will kick-off with a hangi (and prep) at Ngā Hau e Whā o Papararangi this weekend – bring a peeler! You can find out more about events happening in your community at