News | 5 December 2017

Wellingtonians quick to adopt online service

More than 60 percent of building consents made to Wellington City Council are now received online through GoShift, a new initiative to improve the building consents process.

Just two months after the online service was launched, more than half of the around 300 consents submitted each month are now made electronically.

Mark Pattemore, Manager City Consenting and Compliance, says customers have been positive about the new service which allows applicants to submit their building consent applications via an online portal.

"Customers who made multiple consents, such as home building companies, are very satisfied," he says. "They are finding it much simpler and faster."

Mark says the consenting team has worked hard to adapt to the new process, which has already seen a significant reduction in the amount of paper in the office.

"The team is also finding that applications are coming in more complete than they used to," he adds.

The online service prompts customers to provide information that is required, and doesn't allow them to progress their application if it is not provided.

"The uptake to date has totally exceeded our expectations, and we're delighted customers are finding it so user friendly and efficient," says Mark.

GoShift Strategic and Engagement Manager, Ross McCarthy, says the online service has been designed around the customer, and the team has been working hard to implement new functionality, tweaking bugs and looking at what can be provided in the future.

The online service is being provided by GoCouncil, a partnership between Master Business Systems (MBS) and Nuwave.

Wellington City Council is part of GoShift, an initiative involving more than 20 councils, from Western Bay of Plenty to Nelson.