News | 7 September 2017

Island Bay cycleway submissions - update

Work is continuing on the analysis of the 3763 submissions received on proposed options for a revamp of the cycleway on The Parade, Island Bay.

Island Bay cycleway

David Chick, Wellington City Council’s Chief City Planner, says the level of public engagement on the project has been encouraging and that it is great to see communities so involved in the future of the cycleway and The Parade.

“The volume of submissions and the depth of information we’ve received from members of the public is rich and detailed, which means we are forming a clearer picture of the aspirations and desire submitters have for The Parade. The Council will now review and decide on the final recommendations at its meeting on 27 September.

“This revised timeframe allows sufficient time to fully analyse the submissions and to prepare a well-briefed and scoped report for the Council to consider on 27 September. It also allows sufficient time for the independent peer reviews to be completed and considered,” Mr Chick says.

Since the period for submissions closed on 13 August the following process has been undertaken:

  • Council staff are undertaking a review and audit of submissions including validating submissions and removal of any information identifying submitters.
  • The Council has appointed an independent company – Research First – to undertake a review of the submission processes, analysis and findings.
  • A separate independent review is being undertaken by consultants Morrison Low to review the broader Love the Bay and The Parade engagement and consultation process undertaken between June 2016 and August 2017.
  • Feedback and insights will be provided to Council staff to incorporate into recommendations which will be considered on 27 September.

Submissions will be posted here in our consultation section on Friday 22 September.