News | 13 July 2017

Tie your trampolines down, sports – it’s windy

Wellington Regional Civil Defence Controller, Bruce Pepperell, asks parents and caregivers to tie trampolines to something strong and weighty.

It’s probably too late today – given that several trampolines are already in trees, wrapped around lampposts or probably causing a shipping hazard in Wellington Harbour.

But a frustrated Wellington Regional Civil Defence Controller, Bruce Pepperell, says it can’t be too hard for most Wellington parents or caregivers to grab a bit of rope and tie it to the trampoline in the backyard and then tie the other end to something strong and weighty.

“We live in Wellington. It gets very windy at times – like today. I’m sick of seeing pictures of trampolines today where they’ve obviously not been secured and so they’ve taken off like Mary Poppins.

“It’d be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous and disruptive. We’ve got one trampoline wrapped round a power pole in Seatoun, another that’s taken flight in Churton Park and another that’s obviously taken off from a backyard somewhere in or around Link Road in Newlands. That trampoline has damaged a vehicle in the street and brought down some power lines.

“From social media we can tell that the owner of the vehicle in Link Road is pretty annoyed about the damage – and the locals won’t appreciate having the power turned off while the damaged wires are repaired.

“If owners can be good sports and fasten a line to their trampolines or weigh them down with a heavy object – preferably not a child – then you’ll save us all a lot of hassle on days like today.”