News | 15 May 2017

Council funding not taken for granted by recipients

None of the recipients from the latest rounds of Council funding will be taking their allocations for granted – with a wide range of community groups and organisations benefiting from the latest distributions.

Māori powhiri

The New Zealand Deaf Film Festival, Māori Cultural Society, Multi-Cultural Learning and Support Service, WorkerBe Oasis, local youth development organisations, and a feasibility study to understand a need for an accessible sports centre at Mornington Golf Club were among the many recipients of the subcommittee’s latest meeting.

Grants subcommittee chair, Councillor Sarah Free, says: “This round of grant allocations was challenging, as much more funding was applied for than was available to allocate. Nevertheless, we are very proud of being able to support so many of these inspiring and diverse groups, organisations, and initiatives, which contribute towards maintaining the vibrancy and creativity of Wellington.

“Council allocates funding to organisations that meet fund criteria, and have a reputation for delivering value to our arts, events, culture, environment and community, making them a good return for ratepayers.

“There are numerous grants and funding opportunities available, and we encourage applicants to consider all of them, and talk to our funding team who are always here to help,” adds Councillor Free.

Allocations were made from the Arts and Culture Fund, the Social and Recreation Fund, the C.H Izard Bequest, and the Sportsville Partnership Feasibility Fund. There were also eight organisations approved for multi-year contract funding for funding from 1 July 2017. 

Mornington Golf Club President Vince Burke says the $15,000 they received from the Sportsville Feasibility Fund will help the club to work out the potential and start planning for an Accessible Sports Centre and plan their future.

“We already have multi-sport events for the disabled community, but we want to understand the potential for more as we’re just scratching the surface at the moment.

“With a feasibility study, we can plan better for the future, find resources, and upgrade the club itself, to best benefit the whole community,” adds Vince.

The subcommittee approved $223,325 worth of grants for 66 organisations, and $358,000 for eight multi-year contracts.