News | 9 December 2016
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Unanimous support for cheaper weekend bus fares

Wellington City Council has voted unanimously to support cheaper weekend bus fares for Wellingtonians over the Christmas period.

The Council’s Public Transport Portfolio Leader, Sarah Free, says the decision will be an early Christmas present for Wellingtonians following the city’s earthquakes.

“It’s been a tough few weeks and this will be a great thing for the city. It’ll help our families get around, be a shot in the arm for our businesses and make it easier for people to get into town.

“Many of us campaigned for Council on a commitment to cheaper public transport and it’s fantastic to see all Councillors united in delivering on that promise.”

For the next few weekends, bus prices in Wellington will be just $1 for one zone and $2 for two or three zones.

Council Transport Portfolio Leader Chris Calvi-Freeman says the decision will also help the city cope with the loss of car parks due to the earthquakes.

“We know that there are far fewer car parks available due to building closures after the earthquakes. That’s had a real impact on local businesses and cheaper bus fares is one way of helping the city to get along.

“It’s also pleasing that the Council has been able to deliver this initiative under our initial budget – appropriating just $125,000 instead of the $200,000 we initially thought we’d have to. It’s a big difference for Wellington for a smaller cost for ratepayers.

“It means people can come into the city, shop, see friends and enjoy themselves without the trouble of finding a parking space.”