News | 8 December 2016

Reading car park building to be demolished

The decision has been made that the car parking building beside the Reading Cinema complex at Courtenay Central is to be demolished as a result of the earthquake on 14 November.

Mike Scott, Wellington City Council’s Building Consents and Compliance Manager, says the building’s owners have been working with engineers over the last few weeks to get a clear understanding of the damage to the car park. “It’s good to have a definitive answer on this so we can inform people and plan accordingly.”

Engineers’ reports show that the car park has been significantly damaged to the point where it is not safe for anyone to enter the building. This means it has to be demolished.

Mr Scott says Reading International is working with the Council, engineers and the demolition company to come up with a plan to safely and quickly deconstruct the car park.

The Council will keep the existing cordon around the Tory Street, Courtenay Place car park in place until the building is demolished.

“We now know that the cordon will be in place for longer than first thought and, while we realise this is causing a lot of disruptions, safety is our top priority here. As soon as we know more about the timeline we’ll share this information,” Mr Scott says.

The Council’s welfare team is in contact with residents and businesses in the area to help as much as possible.

A one-stop shop called ERIC (Earthquake Recovery Information Centre) is now open in the Public Trust building on Lambton Quay. It will be staffed with people from across many different government sectors as well as other relevant community organisations to offer face-to-face support and advice to people around the earthquake recovery phase.