News | 21 December 2016

Busy time for water works in the CBD

Wellington Water is working over summer to install a new wastewater system beneath part of Taranaki Street and a new water main for Allen Street.

Alex van Paassen, Manager Community Engagement, Wellington Water says the work has been programmed for what is generally a quieter time in the CBD.

“We want to get in and get as much of the work done while Wellingtonians are still on holiday. That should mean we can do the work more quickly than if we were working on these CBD streets at a busier time of the year.

“We know there is a lot of other work going on around the city at the moment so we are coordinating with Wellington City Council, in particular, around the demolition of the Reading car park.”

The Taranaki Street wastewater pipe renewal work begins on Tuesday 27 December 2016 and goes through until the end of February 2017. This work is happening from Market Lane to the Taranaki Wharf entrance gates including at the intersection of Cable Street.

Road works in Taranaki Street will generally be happening between 7am-6pm weekdays, Saturdays, some Sundays, and public holidays.

In Allen Street, work to replace the water main starts on Wednesday 4 January and goes through until the end of February 2017.

For safety reasons, sections of the road will be closed to through traffic, during work hours, as work moves along the street. This will be clearly signposted and Allen Street will be open for business.

Road work hours in Allen Street will generally be 7am-6pm weekdays and Saturdays.

Work for both jobs is being done on behalf of Wellington City Council and will make the city’s wastewater and water systems stronger and more reliable and help to protect the environment.