News | 14 November 2016
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Wellington Quakes Update #4 - Monday 4.30pm

As at 4.30pm.

Wellingtons central business district (CBD) will be largely open for business on Tuesday 15 November.

Employees are encouraged to check with their employers to see whether their workplace is open tomorrow.

Train services have not yet resumed but bus services are operating.

Wellington City Council has closed most of Featherston Street and a number of associated areas for safety reasons until potential falling debris concerns are addressed.

The forecast high winds and heavy rain are another factor which has underpinned the decision to close these specific areas.

It is expected this closure will be for a short period of time while necessary work is completed.

At this point these are considered to be isolated issues, and not generally related to the structural integrity of buildings.

The City Council will be working closely with building owners to address issues of potential threats to public safety, and will work to open up areas as soon as practicable.

For further updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter or refer to Wellington Region Emergency Management (WREMO).