News | 18 November 2016

Wellington Quakes Update #19 - Friday

As at 9pm.

Tory Street central / Courtenay Place cordon reduced

Specialist engineers have advised Wellington City Council that it is safe to reduce the cordon between Courtenay Central and Tory Street.

The reduced cordon will open up the Mt Victoria side of the lower Tory Street footpath outside Joe’s Garage. Map: Tory Street / Courtenay Place (2.2MB PDF)

Apartment dwellers on the eastern side of Tory Street will be able to return to their homes this evening and some businesses are expected to reopen tomorrow. 

Businesses in the building on the southwest corner of the lower Tory Street intersection, including Mama Brown’s, Hot Yoga and Brendan Motors, will also be free to resume trading.

Occupants of buildings between Courtenay Central and Tory Street, including those in the Maison Cabriole apartment building, will not be able to return. At this stage it is anticipated the apartments will be closed for another 3 to 4 weeks.

The Lanes bowling complex will remain closed.

“We are making every effort to contact landlords and business owners personally to let them know the circumstances, but it’s difficult to track the relevant people down,” says Controller Amber Bill. “We’re urging people to contact the Council contact centre on 04 499 4444 if they need help with temporary accommodation.”

Engineers continue to monitor and assess the Courtenay Central parking building.

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