News | 16 November 2016

Wellington Quakes Update #12 - Wednesday

As at 2.45pm.

Full extent of damage still unknown: Mayor

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester cautions it will be some time before the full extent of damage from this week’s earthquake and storm is known. 

New information is coming to hand hourly and emergency response staff are working quickly to respond. 

“We know that some people have experienced significant disruption – and not every building and every street can be accessed at this time,” says the Mayor. 

“Some people are understandably anxious and we are working to address their concerns – but overall Wellington has come through what has been a significant event reasonably well.” 

“Buildings are important but it’s the people who use or live in buildings that we are focused on.” 

Mayor Lester said there had been some minor disruptions but overall Wellington’s infrastructure had withstood the earthquake and continued to operate. 

“The Council’s core services - drinking, waste and storm water, rubbish and recycling collection, roads, pools and recreation centres - continue to run. 

“There has been considerable attention devoted to an unoccupied Molesworth St building which is damaged and posing a risk to public safety. The Council is continuing to work with the owner to determine the building’s future. 

“We need to remember that Wellington is an earthquake prone location, and for the most part the city has the resilience to cope. However we know that a number of our buildings and roads have been adversely affected. 

“Our focus now must remain on addressing the worst affected areas.  

“In the meantime we’re doing all we can to keep Wellingtonians safe and informed. 

"Finally, I want to express my deep appreciation of the 80 emergency response staff and dozens of council staff and contractors who are working round the clock to get our city fully back on its feet.”

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