News | 14 November 2016

Wellington Quakes Update #1 - Monday 11:00am

As at 11am.

  • Featherston Street is currently closed to traffic and pedestrians
  • Stay out of the central business district (CBD)
  • Rubbish and recycling collection services are currently unaffected
  • Southern Landfill is open
  • Wellington Central library is closed
  • No parking fees today
  • No animal control services are currently available, but the animal control centre is open until 10:30am, then 3pm-5pm
  • EQC inspections are for residents only, not commercial premises
  • Power outages at Ohariu Valley until about 5pm and Wrights Hill Road until about 3pm.
  • In some places, drinking water looks cloudy. The water is safe to drink. Try running the tap until water clears, it is just sediment that needs to clear. Alternatively drink your stored water.

For further updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter or refer to Wellington Region Emergency Management (WREMO).