News | 29 November 2016
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Mayor intends to use new powers to compel building inspections

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester is welcoming the Government’s emergency earthquake legislation which will give councils the power to compel building owners to conduct structural engineers checks following earthquakes.

“I certainly plan to be using these powers in the event of future earthquakes,” he says.

“After an earthquake like the ones we have just had, Wellingtonians want to know that urgent steps are being taken to get their buildings checked as quickly as possible.”

“Right now, the responsibility lies solely with the building owner. That’s not good enough and I’m pleased to the see the Government giving councils more powers to make sure these checks are done.”

“Robust, high quality safety checks are a vital part of ensuring Wellingtonians have confidence in their city and that we are keeping people safe. It is reassuring to know we will have the power to make them happen quickly in the event of future earthquakes or aftershocks.”
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