News | 4 October 2016

Guards posted in Botanic Gardens

Wellington City Council will place guards on site in the Botanic Garden after an outdoor party on Friday night left Remembrance Ridge covered in rubbish, broken glass and a commemorative World War 1 sculpture damaged.

Commemorative sculpture with rubbish.

The sculpture, Victory Medal, by artist Helen Pollock has been touring museums throughout New Zealand and was installed in the garden in September to mark the centenary of New Zealanders’ involvement in the Battle of the Somme. The sculpture will be on site till mid-November. 

The Council’s Botanic Gardens Manager, David Sole, says it took Council staff more than two hours to clean up the mess left by partygoers. “We’re pretty disgusted and disappointed – and it’s clearly a sign that the people involved have no respect. This is supposed to be an area for peaceful reflection – not anti-social partying and vandalism.” 

Late-night parties have taken place in the area in past years during the warmer months – but Council staff were upset at the level of rubbish left this weekend. Mr Sole says security guards will be posted to the area in coming weeks to ensure a similar mess is not left.