News | 6 October 2016

47,000 Wellingtonians have voted - have you?

Wellington’s Chief Electoral Officer, Warwick Lampp, says Wellington voter turnout is still tracking lower than previous elections but he is expecting a surge of late-coming votes. He implores Wellingtonians who haven’t voted yet to do it now.

“According to some polls, Wellington has one of the tightest Mayoral races in the country and t literally could be your one vote that counts. It’s not going to count if you’ve left it on the kitchen bench or it’s in your bag because you forgot to post it.”

As of today (5 October), 47,000 votes have been returned. With only two and a half days to go, that’s 33 percent of potential voter returns, which is down about five percent on 2013, as of today.”

“The outcome of this election will affect you one way or another,” says Mr Lampp. “The Council makes decisions on spending around $420m a year in rates and other income. To say it’s important is an understatement.”

Yesterday was the last day people could post votes. Eligible voters can still enrol or change their enrolment details up until the end of Friday.

“You can either drop your papers off to council offices at 101 Wakefield Street or at your nearest library,” says Mr Lampp. “Friday, the electoral office at the Council will be open until 7pm. People can also drop off their votes at the after-hours drop-off slot adjacent to the Council’s Wakefield Street entrance and all city libraries until midday on Saturday 8 October.

“There are now less than three days to go, with voting closing at midday Saturday.”

Mr Lampp has set the challenge for Wellingtonians who haven’t cast their vote yet.

“We regard ourselves as politically informed, Wellington. Let’s make sure we live up to this reputation. Get your vote in!”

For the latest numbers on electoral returns in Wellington, visit: Election returns - Wellington City Council 2016 Triennial Elections -