News | 30 September 2016

The whole world's watching the Wellington mayoral race

Forget Clinton/Trump – the political contest the whole world is really fixated on is Wellington’s Mayoral race!

Elections 2016 logo with yellow and blue heart and the words 'Declare your love for Wellington. Vote'.

The future of the free world – or at least New Zealand’s Capital City – is at stake!! And no-one is prepared to bet on who’ll win!!! But don’t let the hype and razzmatazz dazzle you so much that you forget to vote!!!!

According to veteran political observers, this is the most unpredictable Mayoral race in Wellington since the late 1970s – when flamboyant transgender businesswoman Carmen took on Mayor Michael Fowler and almost caused a sensational civic boil over.

As one seasoned political pundit observed, the results of the Wellington election could have a major influence on the US Presidential race. “The Clinton and Trump camps will be watching very, very closely.

“The people of Wellington, Colorado, Wellington, Florida, Wellington, Illinois, Wellington, Kansas, Wellington, Kentucky, Wellington, Maine, Wellington, Michigan, Wellington, Missouri, Wellington, Nevada, Wellington, Ohio, Wellington, Texas, Wellington, Utah and Wellington, Wisconsin will also be looking anxiously for political cues.”

Wellington City Electoral Officer Warwick Lampp says, “Wellington is 1% behind Auckland for voter turnout. As the Capital City and the centre of democracy for New Zealand we can do a whole lot better.

“We’re incredibly privileged to be able to exercise our right to vote. Even the most cynical have to agree that every election is decided by the people who show up; so tell us who you want representing you and your community for the next three years.”

Warwick is urging voters to do their civic duty this weekend. As of today, 22,293 out of 141,904 Wellingtonians have voted with voter turnout at 15.71 percent. Thousands more are expected to post their papers in the final week of voting.

Voting closes at 12 noon, Saturday 8 October. If you want to return your voting papers by post, you’ll have to get them in the mail by Wednesday 5 October. Candidate information is included with the voting papers and completed papers can be hand-delivered to ballot boxes in city libraries.

The electoral office at 101 Wakefield Street will remain open until 7pm on Friday, 7 October.

If you don’t have voting papers but are eligible to vote, you can make a special vote. For more information contact the Electoral Officer on 04 499 4444 or visit the Wellington City Council offices on Wakefield Street.

For more information about the elections, visit Elections 2016