News | 9 August 2016
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Get smart parking along the Golden Mile – it’s up and running

The Golden Mile is now the smart Golden Mile with smart parking sensors live from Harris Street to Parliament.

Wellington City Council has installed around 3500 parking sensors in the CBD after successfully trialling them in Blair and Allen streets last year. The sensors will progressively go live in four phases. Sector 1 went live yesterday (Monday) with about 900 sensors on the Golden Mile and the surrounding area – a move which will change how residents and visitors to the city will park their car in the Capital.

People visiting this area will be able to pay and simply walk away, with the new Pay by Space parking system. 

The Council’s Parking Services Manager, Michelle Riwai, says: “You just enter the parking space number at the parking machine, pay for the time you need and it’s done. You don’t need to return to your vehicle to display a receipt. Parking sensors also mean that we can implement more convenient ways to pay,” she says.

“One way is the phone app PayMyPark. You can set up expiry notifications and extend your time remotely. No more searching for coins, no receipt needed and you pay only for your actual parking time,” says Michelle. The app can be downloaded for iPhone or Android users or on smart devices. More apps and features may become available in the future.

Pay by Space encourages people to move away from printing receipts. Every year the Council recovers the environmentally-damaging plastic receipts from the harbour. The sensor system will reduce this and contribute to a healthier environment. 

The parking sensor, a small electronic device, is installed in the ground of each parking space and detects and records the exact time a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space. The technology is being rolled out by leaders in parking technology, Smart Parking Limited. Various components of the technology are used in other New Zealand centres and cities in Australia and around the world. 

The Council’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Orchard, says: “The new system builds on our Smart Capital approach towards making transport choices easier. Having real-time information about parking space use is one step to understanding parking trends in the city.” The information about parking space use, turnover and occupancy will help plan Wellington’s future parking needs. 

The two-hour limit for parking in CBD still applies and all existing payment methods for on-street parking will stay the same. 

“Wellingtonians are set to benefit from this new system of parking,” Michelle says.