News | 29 July 2016

Planning together for housing needs in Newlands

To address the need for more housing and housing choices, Wellington City Council has started the next stage of consultation with the Newlands community on a draft District Plan Change.

Factsheet: Medium-density Housing: Newlands - Draft District Plan Change (127KB PDF)

The draft Plan Change incorporates feedback from the previous consultation late last year and proposes a medium-density housing and draft building design standards to ensure new developments recognise Newlands’ character.

Wellington’s population is expected to increase by at least 50,000 people and probably considerably more, by 2043 and couples or people living alone are expected to make up over half of the household types.

“There is a clear need for more housing, especially smaller homes with smaller low maintenance sections. This will be particularly important with a huge increase in the proportion of people over 65, and will also help make housing more affordable for our children and grandchildren seeking their first home. The Council’s Housing Choice project is a step towards this,” says Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. 

“Over the past six years Newlands town centre has been improved enormously and we believe Newlands is now suitable for more homes to be built with more housing choices. It’s more attractive for more people to live with a range of housing choices. 

“The Council is addressing Wellington’s population growth by planning together for future housing needs,” she says. “The City Council has helped deliver significant improvements for Newlands residents over the past decade, including a community centre, town centre improvements, the New World supermarket and churches and temples.”

Councillor Andy Foster, Chair of the Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee, says the area around Newlands Town Centre is one of several parts of the city identified in the Wellington Urban Growth Plan as good places to have more people living by allowing more homes to be built and giving people more housing choice.

“Consolidating new housing within existing suburbs in easy walking distance from town centres helps support growth and vitality of the town centres. It’s making Wellington’s central city the best in the country and will help our suburban centres thrive too. They all need people. It also makes much more efficient use of infrastructure and reduces emissions and impacts on the environment through making it easier for more people to walk, bike and use public transport,” says Cr Foster. 

“As our population ages we will also see more people who cannot drive, and we are already seeing more young people choosing not to drive. That makes the case for more people being able to live close to their shops, their social and recreation facilities and their public transport even more compelling.

“Newlands has important features that support successful medium-density housing. These include good access to local shops, employment, a range of community and recreation facilities, excellent public transport links, and the land capacity to support housing development.”

The community is invited to learn more or discuss their views with Council planners at drop-in sessions. These will be held at Newlands Community Centre, Batchelor Street, on: 

  • Wednesday 10 August 4pm–7pm
  • Saturday 13 August 10.30am–4pm

The Newlands community is encouraged to have their say on the proposed MDRA boundary and the proposed housing design standards by Friday 26 August, 4pm. Full details of the draft District Plan Change and supporting papers are also on the site.