News | 22 July 2016

@LOKAL_STORIES brings internet art to the streets

This September and October, some of the country’s most exciting young artists are taking to the streets of Wellington to challenge online harassment with art and discussion.


Although Sophie Giblin – an award winning curator of Kollektiv Gallery from the UK – only joined Wellington’s creative community in January 2016, she’s had no trouble tapping into and being inspired by the incredible local talent.

Artists and writers, Jordana Bragg and Hana Pera Aoake are collaborating with Giblin on the first ever Lokal Stories project. Using glitchy digital aesthetics, the artists will explore the casual racism, sexism and homophobia that permeate the internet.

“We grew up with and on the internet, we know and love it," says Sophie, “but the computer is a cold medium that harvests hate and harassment towards marginalised groups. We’re using art and writing to encourage safer spaces and inspire today’s youth to be good allies online. Lokal Stories is a conversation for anyone who has used the internet."

The Lokal Stories’ format involves asking each other questions and replying with video, writing, podcasts and photography. Resulting artworks will be exhibited publicly on the streets in Te Aro during September and October 2016 thanks to supportive shops and business owners. The artists hope the pieces, which will play overnight, will resonate with the predominantly young, late-night crowd.

Giblin says audiences should expect challenging questions and insightful conversations, documented with humour and friendship, and focusing on adolescence and digital togetherness. Lokal Stories will showcase progress, happenings, venues and conversations online at or follow them with #lokalstories on Twitter and Instagram.