News | 29 July 2016

LGC's Wellington region recommendations welcome

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has welcomed today’s Local Government Commission recommendations on local governance in the Wellington region.

“I am glad that the Commissioners confirm that amalgamation of all councils in Wellington is off the table. This is very much in line with the opinion of the majority of the communities in the area. This new-found collaborative approach has been a great improvement.

“Wairarapa residents prefer one Wairarapa district council and the LGC support is an important step.”

Mayor Wade-Brown says: "It is good that the Commission has recognised our significant progress recently on water supply and economic development – with the establishment of Wellington Water and the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency.

Deputy Mayor Justin Lester also welcomed the LGC’s report and agrees that amalgamation is now “on the back burner”. He urged the Commission to prioritise its investigations into the organisation and control of regional transport. “It is widely agreed that we can do far better in terms of transport planning and administration. Personally I think a single regional organisation that oversees all forms of transport is essential.

“At the moment our piecemeal, multi-agency, approach is holding back progress – especially in terms of public transport.”