News | 10 May 2016
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APWs to go to Tramway volunteers and Wadestown advocate

The Wellington Tramway Museum volunteers are getting an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian award on Wednesday for their service to Wellington, as is former Wadestown Residents’ Association president and community devotee John Shrapnell.

The Wellington Tramway Museum society preserves tramcars and other items of tramway interest. They make sure that Wellington’s fascinating tramway history is accessible. 

Past and present volunteers maintain, restore and operate historic street trams which were a vital part of the capital’s transportation system for 60 years, and are now at Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekākāriki. 

Wellington Mayor and Tramway Museum Co-Patron Celia Wade-Brown says these trams still attract Wellingtonians and tourists. 

“The Tramway Museum volunteers come from all walks of life, and are bonded by their enthusiasm for trams and their role in Wellington’s history.”

John Shrapnell is a founding member of the Wadestown Residents’ Association, and was its President for 25 years before he stepped down in 2011.

In addition to his career as a broadcasting professional, John has championed a number of causes for the Wadestown community, including establishing the Community Liaison group, which he still chairs.

The Mayor says, “John embodies community spirit. Wadestown residents are very lucky to have had someone as tireless as John looking out for the interests of their community.

“He’s also involved in the Wellington Menz Shed, which is a terrific support for many people, particularly those who are retired, as it develops skills such as carpentry which benefit community organisations.” 

APWs are civic awards which show Council’s appreciation for people in Wellington who have made a significant (and usually voluntary) contribution to their community. 

The presentation of the awards will take place at the beginning of the full Council meeting on 11 May, due to begin at 5.30pm at Council’s Committee Room 1, at 101 Wakefield Street.