News | 4 February 2016

Everybody's pathway to enjoy

A person on a bicycle slowing for a child in a penguin suit is one of the humorous scenarios in Wellington City Council’s shared pathway courtesy campaign on the waterfront.

Circular white stickers with friendly messages on a waterfront pathway.

Large footpath stickers and posters carry simple messages that these are “everybody’s pathways to enjoy” and that safe and friendly behaviour is all part of “the Wellington Way”.

The massive drawing and other illustrations along the waterfront show some of the many activities that take place on the waterfront and match them to safe and friendly behaviour. Floating hands ring a friendly bicycle bell to let others know they are approaching. Dogs are happier when firmly attached to a lead. People on bikes and people walking give one another space and exchange a friendly wave.

Councillor Andy Foster, Chair of the Transport and Urban Development Committee, says the fun drawings will engage people and encourage them to look out and look after each other on these busy pathways.

“Over summer our shared pathways are often teeming with people enjoying our wonderful waterfront. This is a seasonal reminder that courteous behaviour helps ensure that everyone enjoys our shared pathways. It’s particularly important that people on bicycles reduce their speed to suit this environment and other people will really appreciate that.”

The messages will be supported by social media and a series of pop-up activities. Council staff will also be talking with people about courteous behaviour at the Go By Bike Day breakfast on Wednesday 10 February 2016.

The first placement of this campaign occurred over summer in early 2015 and proved popular, with people taking selfies with the illustrations and commenting on how they enjoyed the humorous scenarios and positive messages.

The design for the $15,000 campaign was created in-house by Wellington City Council designers.