Wellington Town Belt Bill

Status Closed
Start date 29 May 2015
Closed date 22 June 2015
Aerial view of the city looking south.

The object of this Bill is to provide certainty by:

  1. becoming the principal source of the Council's powers for protecting, managing and enhancing the Wellington Town Belt;
  2. providing a transparent statutory basis for the Council's trusteeship and management of the Wellington Town Belt; and
  3. providing a mechanism for land to become part of the Wellington Town Belt, including land that was lost from the Wellington Town Belt since 1840, but has subsequently been regained by the Council.

Copies of the Bill are available for public inspection between 29 May 2015 and 22 June 2015 during usual office hours, without fee, at the Wellington Central Library.

In addition, a copy of the Bill is publicly available:

Any correspondence relating to the Bill should be addressed to:

Mike Oates
Manager Open Space and Recreation Planning
Wellington City Council, Box 2199
(101 Wakefield Street)