Road Stopping - Jubilee Road, Khandallah

Status Closed
Start date 23 April 2015
Closed date 5 June 2015
Location Adjoining 105 Jubilee Road, Khandallah
Area 96m2

What happened to this public notice?

Description of proposal

\Wellington City Council, under section 342(1) of the Local Government Act 1974, proposes to ‘stop’ a 96m² portion of unformed legal road in Jubilee Road, Khandallah.

Council no longer requires this land for road purposes.

The land (Section 1 SO 485069) adjoins 105 Jubilee Road, Khandallah (Lot 2 DP 10359, CFR WN523/85). Once the 96m² of legal road land is stopped it will be sold to the owner of 105 Jubilee Road, Khandallah, and the land titles amalgamated.

Any future buildings or activities on the land will be governed by the Wellington City Council District Plan once stopped.