Road Stopping - Balfour Street, Mornington

Status Closed
Start date 2 April 2015
Closed date 13 May 2015
Location Adjoining 18 Balfour Street, Mornington, Wellington
Area 125m2

What happened to this public notice?

The proposal was to stop a 123 sq m area of unformed legal road land situated adjoining 18 Balfour Street, Mornington. If the proposal is successful this area of land would be sold to the owners of 18 Balfour Street, and amalgamated with that property.

If the road stopping proposal is successful it is further proposed that a further 2 sq m of legal road land be stopped. This would be to create two isolation strips and this land would remain in Council ownership.

Public Notice (86KB PDF)
Report to Regulatory Processes Committee - 16.10.14 (769KB PDF)
Area Survey Plan (29KB PDF)