Road stopping - 24 Cave Road Houghton Bay

Status Closed
Start date 12 August 2021
Closed date 23 September 2021
Location Adjoining 24 Cave Road, Houghton Bay.
Area 134m2

Description of proposal

Wellington City Council, under section 342(1) (a) and Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974, proposes to ‘stop’ a 134m² portion of legal road in Cave Road, Houghton Bay.

Council has determined that it no longer requires this land for public road purposes and has no other purpose for the land.

The land (Section 1 SO 556794) adjoins 24 Cave Road, Houghton Bay (Lot 74 DP1467, held on ROT WN500/6. Once the 134m² of legal road land is stopped it will be sold to the owner of 24 Cave Road and amalgamated with the title to their land.

Any future buildings or activities on the land once stopped will be governed by the Wellington City Council District Plan.

It is proposed to also stop a further 1m² of legal road land (Section 2 SO 556794), with that land remaining in Council ownership.


Copies of these documents are available above or by emailing


To make a submission on the proposed road stopping, you can:

  • send it in writing to:
    Paul Davidson
    Property Services
    Wellington City Council
    PO Box 2199
    Wellington 6140


All submissions must be received by 5pm,Thursday 23 September 2021.