Reserves Act 1977 Notification - Easement at Wall Park, Tawa

Status Closed
Start date 15 July 2016
Closed date 19 August 2016

Wall Park in Tawa consists of two lots, Lot 26 DP 21093 held on CFR WNB1/330, and Lot 27 DP 21093 held on CFR 689208. 

There are existing overhead electricity lines and power poles on Lot 27 only. 

CPB HEB JV is designing and constructing the Transmission Gully motorway for the Wellington Gateway Partnership – they have the contract with the New Zealand Transport Agency. 

Related works on land adjoining Wall Park will affect the route of existing overhead electricity lines. 

CPB propose to install a new power pole in Lot 27 and change the route of the overhead electricity lines. This will result in them crossing over the north/west corner of Lot 26.  The existing lines exist under the Electricity Act 1992 without easement. 

The proposed work would be recorded by way of registered easement. 

In the interest of consistency it is also proposed the new easement would include all of Lot 27 being where the existing lines are.

This proposal is pursuant to sections 119 and 120 of the Reserves Act 1977.


Public Notice (32KB PDF) | Text version (35KB RTF)

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