Reserve land in Island Bay and Tawatawa Reserve

Status Closed
Start date 17 June 2020
Closed date 24 July 2020

What happened to this public notice?

We considered a proposal to grant one new lease and one licence to occupy on Reserve land.

Proposed new lease

Applicant: Marine Conservation Trust (existing tenant on Reserve land)
Description: A charitable Trust which provides marine education to inspire people to learn about marine environments through hands-on marine educational experiences for people of all ages, from pre-school children to grandparents, events and programmes.
Location: Site 1014, The Esplanade, Island Bay
Legal description: Part Section 9, Town District (being part of the land described in the Record of Title WN428/33
Lease type: Premises lease
Leased area: Approximately 600m²
Permitted use: For the use for marine education activities and the hall is to be available for community use
Special provisions:

  • The Lessee acknowledges that the Common Areas (marked blue on the plan) do not form part of the Premises and for the avoidance of doubt, the Lessee will not have a right of exclusive possession of the Common Area.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the Council agrees that the Lessee will manage the bookings of the community hall located in the Common Area. Notwithstanding clause 14.4 in the Lease regarding hireage, the Council acknowledges that the Lessee hires out the community building to recreation and community groups. The Lessee will ensure that recreation and community uses of the Premises, whether by the Lessee or another community group, are given priority over private bookings.

Lease fee: $759.40 per annum + GST
Maintenance fee: $6,651.26 per annum + GST
Term: Three years with one renewal term of two years
Council decision: Regulatory Processes Committee 4 March 2020

Proposed licence to occupy

Applicant: Southern Environmental Association (existing tenant on Reserve land)
Description: Southern Environmental Association (‘SEA’) runs a community nursery which focuses on the protection and enhancement of Tawatawa Reserve
Location: Site 1078, Tawatawa Reserve
Legal description: Part Lot 1, Deposited Plan 9934 and contained in Certificate of Title 622532
Lease type: Licence to Occupy
Leased area: Approximately 345 m²
Permitted use: For use as a community nursery
Lease fee: perppercorn rental per annum + GST
Term: Five year term with one renewal term of five years
Council decision: Regulatory Processes Committee 4 March 2020


If approved, the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977will apply and and the Leases Policy for Community and Recreation Groups.

For full details and explanation about these changes, please refer to the Council decision reports above.