Proposal to close roads - June 2019

Status Closed
Start date 23 May 2019
Closed date 28 May 2019

The Regulatory Processes Committee will meet on Wednesday 19 June 2019 to consider the following temporary road closures for events.

Capital City Duathlon

Date: Sunday 25 August 2019 6am to 12pm
Proposed road closures:

  • Massey Road (Scorching Bay to Northern entrance to Shelley Bay Base)

Wellington Car Club Shelley Bay Seal Sprint

Date: Sunday 6 October 2019 7.00am to 6.00pm
Proposed road closure: Tennyson Street (Tory Street to Cambridge Terrace)

  • Massey Road ( North end of Scorching Bay Reserve to Northern entrance of Shelly Bay Defense Base)

Spring into Tawa

Date: Saturday 19 October 2019 5am to 5pm
Proposed road closures:

  • Main Road (Lyndhurst/Cambridge Street Roundabout to Surrey Street Roundabout)

A Very Welly Christmas

Dates: 12 Midnight Friday 22nd of November 2019 to 12 Midnight Monday 25th November 2019 

Proposed road closure: 

  • Lambton Quay (Whitmore Street to Willis Street)
  • Ballance Street (Old Bailey side entrance to Lambton Quay)
  • Stout Street (Ballance Street to Lambton Quay)
  • Waring Taylor Street (intersection Maginnity and Waring Taylor to Lambton Quay)
  • Johnston Street (Wilson carpark to Lambton Quay)
  • Brandon Street (Half way on Brandon Street to Lambton Quay)

Thorndon Fair

Date: Sunday 1 December 2019 6am to 6pm
Proposed road closure:

  • Tinakori Road (between Bowen Street and Harriett Street)
  • Hill Street (between Tinakori Road and Guilford Terrace)

Newtown Festival

Date: Sunday 8 March 2020 5.00am to 9.00pm
Proposed road closures:

  • Arney Street (ALL)
  • Colombo Street ( for approximately 100m east of Riddiford Street – Note: the Colombo closure begins on Saturday 7 March 2020 at 7am and extends to 11.30pm on Sunday 8 March 2020)
  • Riddiford Street (between Mein Street and Rhodes Street)
  • Rintoul Street (between Riddiford Street and Millward Street)
  • Newtown Avenue (for approximately 100m east of Riddiford Street)
  • Constable Street (between Riddiford Street and Daniell Street)
  • Hall Street (for approximately 30m west of Riddiford Street)
  • Emmett Street (all of Emmett Street)
  • Green Street (all of Green Street)
  • Wilson Street (for approximately 100 Metres east of Riddiford Street and including the off-street public carpark – Note: the Wilson closure extends to 11.30pm)
  • Newtown Avenue (for approximately 100m east of Riddiford Street)
  • Normanby Street (for approximately 80m east of Riddiford Street)
  • Donald McLean Street (for approximately 150m east of Riddiford Street)
  • Ferguson Street (for approximately 60m south of Donald McLean Street)
  • Gordon Street (all of Gordon Street)
  • Gordon Place (all of Gordon Place)
  • Florence Street (all of Florence Street)


Any person objecting to a proposed road closure must contact the City Council in writing before 4pm, Friday 28 May 2019

Please send correspondence to: 

  • By email to
  • By letter to: 
    Attention: Maria Taumaa
    Wellington City Council
    PO Box 2199 
  • By fax to (04) 801 3009

More information 

Maria Taumaa, Street Activities Coordinator 

Phone 04 499 4444