Lease Proposal - Centennial Reserve, Miramar

Status Closed
Start date 7 May 2015
Closed date 8 June 2015
Location Centennial Reserve, Miramar
Area 15.6m2

Description of proposal

We’re considering granting a new licence on land held under the Reserves Act 1977 in Miramar. The details of these are as follows:

  • Proposed new licence on Reserve Land
  • Location: Centennial Reserve, Miramar
  • Existing occupant: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited
  • Purpose: Climate and Atmospheric Data Collecting
  • Lease type: Occupation Licence of approximately 15.6m²
  • Lease term: 10 + 10 years

If approved the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977 will apply.


  • Area Survey Plan (117KB PDF)
  • Report to Environment Committee Meeting - 23.04.15 (1MB PDF)



If you have any objections or would like to make a submission, send them:

  • by email to:
  • by letter to: 
    Fel Go
    Property Services KCPP01
    Wellington City Council
    PO Box 2199
    Wellington 6140
  • deliver it in person to:
    Wellington City Council reception
    Ground floor, 101 Wakefield Street


All submissions must be received by 5.00pm on Monday 8 June 2015.

Minimum requirements

All submissions must contain:

  • your name, postal address, telephone number and email address (if applicable)
  • details of the proposal you are submitting on
  • whether you support or oppose the proposal
  • what aspects of the proposal you are neutral towards (if any)
  • your submission statement, with reasons
  • the decision you would like Wellington City Council to make
  • whether you would like to make an oral submission to Councillors, to support your written submission.