District Plan Change 81

Status Closed
Start date 19 May 2016
Closed date 1 July 2016

On Wednesday 11 May 2016 the Council approved Plan Change 81: Rezoning 320 the Terrace and ‘de-listing’ the Gordon Wilson Flats.

Plan Change 81 is a private plan change requested by Urban Perspectives Limited on behalf of Victoria University. The plan change includes:

  • Rezoning 320 the Terrace from Inner Residential Area to Institutional Precinct
  • Removing (‘de-listing’) the Gordon Wilson Flats from the District Plan heritage list
  • Amending the District Plan’s Institutional Precinct provisions for 320 the Terrace

The full text of this decision is at wellington.govt.nz/planchange81 or can be viewed during work hours at:

  • the Council Service Centre, 101 Wakefield Street
  • city libraries.

The notice of this decision is given under Clause 10 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991. From the date of this notice, the District Plan is amended in accordance with this decision.

Any appeal against Council’s decision must be lodged with the Environment Court no later than 5pm on Friday 1 July 2016.

More information

If you have any questions, contact us at district.plan@wcc.govt.nz.