Proposal to Discharge Encumbrance - 79 Dixon Street, Te Aro

Status Closed
Start date 29 March 2019
Closed date 29 April 2019

What happened to this public notice?

We asked for your feedback about Discharging an encumbrance at 79 Dixon Street, Te Aro.

Wellington City Council is considering a request to remove an encumbrance registered over the privately owned property at 79 Dixon Street, Te Aro.

The encumbrance requires that an area of 100m² outlined blue on the aerial image below is maintained by the property owner and is to permit the Council and general public to enjoy the area as public garden and seating at all times.

The area is currently occupied by a small ‘pocket park’ containing seating and a small garden and is on the south eastern corner of Dixon and Victoria Streets. The owner has requested that the encumbrance be removed as it is intended the property will be redeveloped with a new building that is to be set back from the Victoria Street frontage (in the general vicinity of the Wilson carpark and former Farmers department store). The new development is intended to align with Victoria Street and provide a wider public footpath along Victoria Street.

The building development and potential removal of the encumbrance was anticipated by Council as part of the Victoria Street Transformation Project completed in 2015. At that same time the new inner city park on Volunteer corner was created (directly opposite the encumbrance area on the south western corner of Dixon and Victoria Streets, Te Aro).

In accordance with section 138 of the Local Government Act 2002, the Council is seeking feedback on the proposed discharge of encumbrance.


More information

John Vriens, Senior Property Advisor
Phone: 801 3246