Road stopping - 400 Middleton Road, Glenside

Status Closed
Start date 4 October 2017
Closed date 15 November 2017
Location Adjoining 400 Middleton Road, Gelnside
Area 1695m2

What happened to this public notice?

Wellington City Council sought feedback on a proposal to stop a 1,695 m² area of legal road (Rowells Road). The land adjoins 400 Middleton Road, Glenside, Wellington.

Once the road land is stopped it would be sold to the adjoining owner of 400 Middleton Road, Glenside and the land titles amalgamated.


Public Notice (14KB PDF)
Report to Regulatory Processes Committee - 12.04.17 (179KB RTF) 
Area Survey Plan (70KB PDF)
Aerial View (236KB PDF)