Trelissick Park Oban Street access way

Status Closed
Start date 2 October 2018
Closed date 29 October 2018
Number of submissions 272

What happened to this consultation?

We asked for your feedback on a proposal to allow a new access way to Trelissick Park via Oban Street in Wadestown.

We received 272 responses. Over 75 percent of the respondents supported the development.

Councillors approved the construction.

The group has raised enough money for the project and the works will start in 2020.


Trelissick Park proposed entrance - Aerial view and artists impression  (3.5MB PDF)

Background to the proposal

In the 2016 Open Space Access Plan, the Council agreed to investigate a new park entrance from Wadestown.

Oban Street in Wadestown provides an opportunity for this second entrance as the Council owns a 1.5-metre wide right-of-way between two properties.

There are currently seven entrances into the park; six from Ngaio / Crofton Downs and one from Wadestown / Highland Park.

More information

Myfanwy Emeny 
Open Space and Parks Manager
Phone: 04 499 4444