Elizabeth Street Play Area

Status Closed
Start date 1 February 2021
Closed date 22 February 2021
Number of submissions 77

What happened to this consultation?

From the suggestions we have chosen a seesaw, as that can be used across all ages.

Construction for this project was meant to be in October 2021. Due to supply chain issues, this has been pushed out to early November 2021.

We’re renewing Elizabeth Street Play Area to make it an even better place to play. In February we put the draft concept out for community feedback.

We received a high number of submissions for this consultation, thanks to all the wonderful feedback from students at Clyde Quay School.

In the draft concept plan, there were many who liked the addition of swings, balance balls and musical flowers. From the feedback, we have decided to fence the area completely and add rubbish bin.

There were also quite a few submitters who asked us to limit the amount of synthetic surfaces in the area. We are only adding synthetics where we need to have a safety surface to meet the NZ Standards for Playground equipment and surfacing. By adding more equipment, we have had to increase this area. Grass is not a compliant safety surface, but we have kept as much of it as we can, outside of the equipment area.

Given the very small footprint of the site we cannot fit some of the ideas proposed, such as a larger slide, trampoline, flying fox, or large climbing structure. We have had to make a number of trade-offs and decided to keep the existing slide in the concept design and the more unique elements that we are trialling here, like the balance balls and musical flowers. We will remove the mound and swap this with an additional piece of equipment. From the suggestions we have chosen a seesaw, as that can be used across all ages.